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Understanding The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Despite your best efforts, protecting your carpet is very difficult. Carpets by their very nature are bound to accumulate dirt and stains over time. A dirty carpet is a magnet for harmful microscopic organisms such as fungus, dust mites, and bacteria which not only render your carpet unhygienic but spoils the aesthetics of your room as well. It can also trigger a myriad of allergies.

At Carpet Cleaning Deluxe we strongly advise that you get frequent carpet cleaning. Generally, we suggest that our clients get their rugs cleaned at least twice a year. However, if you have children or pets present, or have someone suffering from allergies, you will require rug cleaning services more often.

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The best professional carpet cleaning method for your carpet

Carpet cleaning service providers use various methods for different kinds of carpets. However, determining the right cleaning method for your carpet can extend its life and ensure extraction of dirt and germs to a higher degree.

At Carpet Cleaning Deluxe, we offer our clients a comprehensive service that is well-suited for the fabric and underlay of their rugs. The most suitable carpet cleaning method for your mat can be determined by running a fiber burn or chemical test.

We provide a useful guide to various home carpet cleaning methods below. Keep in mind that all the processes include vacuuming at the beginning of the cleaning process to eliminate dust.

Steam cleaning for a thorough cleanse

If you have people with allergies in your home than this method is very useful. It uses detergent mixed with hot water to clean the carpet. The solution is later extracted using carpet steam cleaners. Superheated steam can also be used in place of hot water in some cases.

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Dry clean your carpets for a quick cleanse

This method uses a powdered chemical which adheres to the dirt on your carpet. The powder is smeared over the carpet thoroughly. After a couple of minutes, the carpet is vacuumed to remove the chemical and dirt.

Liven your carpets by Shampooing

This method is generally used when the objective of carpet cleaning is more towards brightening the outlook of your carpet and less towards ridding it of dirt and microbes. This method uses carpet shampoo which works like detergents penetrating into the carpet. It requires a thorough scrub before extraction. Carpet fresheners are also used after the shampooing to deodorize the carpet.

Deep Cleaning In Less Time through Foaming

This method is a cross of shampooing and dry cleaning methods. The objective is to clean your carpet without using a lot of water so that it can dry quickly. During the process, a foaming detergent with an affinity to dirt is worked into the rug. Foam and dirt are later extracted using either a sponge or machine.

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Bonnet Cleaning For Commercial Carpet Revitalization

If you’re looking for industrial level carpet cleaning, bonnet carpet cleaning is the method for you. Similar to shampooing this method focuses more on restoring the look of your carpets by applying detergent. This detergent is then extracted using absorbent pads of a rotary carpet cleaner, leaving your carpet looking lively and smelling fresh.

Carpet Cleaning Deluxe’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Deluxe can bring back “a brand new” charm to your carpets through our in-depth cleaning services. We offer the most comprehensive professional carpet cleaning which has been honed by years of experience. Contact us for professional cleaning today.

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Adam tzabari
Adam tzabari
18:25 05 May 18
Carpet Cleaning deluxe are the best one could find in Coral Springs! I called carpet cleaning deluxe after my dog got sick and unfortunately didn’t control his body wastes. Poor little dog :( it happened twice at the same day, and I couldn’t stand the smell, I called in, got the same day appointment, the tech that came to my house (couldn’t catch his name) was a professional, neat and very nice guy. Carpet feels and smells great! I’m pleased with results! Would highly recommend “Carpet Cleaning Deluxe” for anyone's carpet cleaning project.
Info EZ
Info EZ
16:42 31 May 18
Thank you very much guys! This is a perfect example of how a business should be run. On time, professional and great quality job. Will work with again in the future.
Tomer Goldshtin
Tomer Goldshtin
02:37 01 May 18
We hired carpet cleaning deluxe to clean our upholstery sofa and Oriental area rug. We have little children and two little dogs and they have gotten the better side of both the sofa and the rug and we were in Autre shock when the technician was able to clean it and bring it back to life as if it was new. We highly recommend this company for satisfaction professionalism and unbelievable customer service.
Ofir Altarasy
Ofir Altarasy
03:12 02 May 18
We have an old Oriental rug that my grandmother gave me a long time ago we were clearing out the storage. When we found it and decided that we want to be professionally cleaned we called a few companies and fell upon Carpet Cleaning to Deluxe. They came and picked up our area rug they give us a timeframe and came on time. Now we are able to have our beautiful oriental rug in our living room we will definitely be calling them back again.
Shiri Malki
Shiri Malki
21:09 01 May 18
Wonderful job performed by Carpet cleaning deluxe. Called a week in advance to set an appointment as my schedule is kinda weird. They showed up on time and did the job promptly and in a professional manner. If your looking for carpet upholstery cleaner in Coral Springs look no further.
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