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Grout Cleaning

Professional Grout Cleaning

When getting tiles installed, you must have thought just how easy it would make maintaining your floor or wall’s cleanliness. However, you might not have taken into account a very stubborn substance that is used to keep your tiles together. The material we are referring to known as the grout, and after a few years, you’ll need to call a service like Carpet Cleaning Deluxe to give it a thorough cleaning.

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Grout cleaning may seem easy at first, but it is bound to lose its color after some time. When the color finally dulls it ruins the aesthetics of the entire area. Sometimes the discoloration is so severe that it makes space look dirty. That’s because the paste used for grouting is highly absorbent. Mopping or cleaning will accomplish only the removal of dirt on the surface, not that which is slowly being embedded and which discolors your grout. So after a few years, your floor looks poorly maintained and at worst dirty.

Make Your Grout As Good As New!

Carpet Cleaning Deluxe can help restore your grout back to its original state. We offer services that can help maintain the grout’s cleanliness for a more extended period. We can also help you change the outlook of your floor by re-coloring your grout to a whole new color.

Benefits of Professional Grout Cleaning By Carpet Cleaning Deluxe

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Besides improving the aesthetics of your flooring, grout cleaning services offered Carpet Cleaning Deluxe provides several added benefits! Our experts make sure to remove all debris that can reduce the life of your tiles and weakens the floor. We specialize in cleaning countertops, bathrooms, kitchens and other tiled areas of your home or business. Our cleaning methods are safe and produce excellent. Hence, if you are looking to refurbish your grout without having to replace your entire floor, get in touch today!

Why Hire Carpet Cleaning Deluxe?

‘Do it yourself’ isn’t the solution to every problem, especially when it comes to grout cleaning. Retail grout cleaners may clean the surface; however, they fail to extract the dirt deeply embedded within it. If dust is left in the grout for a more extended period, it will cause permanent discoloration and will leave you no option but to have your grout recolored.

Carpet Cleaning Deluxe doesn’t only restore your grout back to its original glory, but we also seal the grout lines so that the floor will remain clean and lively for years. Our service eliminates the risk of debris getting under the grout and weakening your tiles, thus extending the life of your floor.

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Give your room a refreshing and clean look with a well maintained and dirt-free floor. Eliminate the possibility of bacteria and grime hiding in the grout by hiring Carpet Cleaning Deluxe. We pull out all the stops when it comes to cleaning your grout. When the grout is finally clean our grout sealing services will secure your floor from dirt and decay for years to come!

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yonatan yossef
yonatan yossef
16:51 16 Jun 18
Very charming people. You could tell they care much for their customers. They were remarkably fast, and the work looked terrific. They cleaned seven spaces for me, and the carpet looks brand new. The fur in the rug is no longer an issue, and the house smells significantly better. Outstanding work and excellent customer service. Pricing was fair too, totally worth it. Another key point worth mentioning is that Tom the owner of Carpet Cleaning Deluxe in Weston was the one who came in and did the job.
Ofir Altarasy
Ofir Altarasy
19:14 11 Jul 18
Did some research on carpet cleaning company’s In my area we came across hoping to work here on time. Didn’t outstanding job highly recommended. We called in for an upholstery cleaning with hopes that it would come out better than it was. They were able to remove all of our sins and bring our sofa back to life. Thank you CCD.
Eli G
Eli G
00:24 20 Jun 18
My wife has been complaining about our dining room chairs so I decided to do some research and we came across carpet cleaning deluxe we spoke to Tom the owner and the shared us that their technicians are more than qualified to take care of any type of stains or where that may have occurred over time. The technicians came out and gave us a phenomenal deal we highly recommend using carpet cleaning deluxe for any upholstery cleaning that’s needed very professional and amazing customer service.
Ravit Cohen
Ravit Cohen
05:07 15 May 18
Great service performed by Tom the owner of Carpet Cleaning Deluxe. These guys cleaned 4 rooms one master bed and a area rug. Job well done. Highly recommend to any customer in Weston vicinity.
Tomer Goldshtin
Tomer Goldshtin
15:05 14 May 18
I have a very old Persian rug that was handed down to me by my family. And we decided that it needed to be professionally cleaned. We did our research on the area rug cleanings and we found carpet cleaning deluxe. They came and picked up our rug took it to their facility brought it back after four days as if it was brand new we are so pleased with the result of our rug. Thank you ccd
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