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Laminate Floor Strip and Wax

Laminate Floor Strip and Wax Services

Laminate floor strip and wax by Carpet Cleaning Deluxe. An increasing number of condo and homeowners in America have taken to installing laminate flooring. One reason for this is the fact that it is a lot cheaper compared to hardwood flooring. Also, it is a lot simpler to install. Any homeowner with a bit of skill can install a laminate floor, but it looks exactly like real hardwood flooring. However, to maintain the look and appeal of the laminate floor, you’ll need professional floor strip and wax services at least once a year.

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At Carpet Cleaning Deluxe our Laminate Floor Strip and Wax Services ensure that your laminate floor looks as good as new, and in some cases even better! We guarantee that your floor continues to look shiny and to achieve that we use some of the best professional equipment in the industry. Plus, our team of professional and certified specialists is guaranteed to provide you with the best results.

Carpet Cleaning Deluxe Recommends Frequent Cleaning

As stated above most homes will do well with annual professional cleaning. However, if your home or office receives a lot of foot traffic then consider getting Laminate Floor Strip and Wax Services at least every six months. If you prolong getting professional cleaning, it could end up damaging the flooring in which case it may need to be replaced.

Professional Maintenance of Your Flooring

When you first install a laminate floor, it will look beautiful. However, over time the floor loses it’s gloss and will start to appear dull. How soon that happens depends on either the quality of the laminate or how much foot traffic it receives. A dull flooring is mainly a result of the top layer being stripped away by all that traffic and so will need to be restored.

At Carpet Cleaning Deluxe we will first re-scrub and then re-coat your flooring. What this will do is give it a brand-new gloss, which reduces the need for an entire stripping and waxing process. However, at times that may not be enough. Though we always examine the flooring first before providing clients with our professional recommendation.

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Always on Time and Budget

Over the years we have always been consistent with delivering our service on time. When we first visit your home or office, it is to examine the flooring and to take inventory of the damage. We then provide clients with our assessment and what we can do for them.

Clients are also provided with the estimated cost for the Laminate Floor Strip and Wax Services. Usually, the quote is what we will charge and there are no hidden charges associated. Once we get the go-ahead, our professionals get started right away. We then strive to complete everything within the timeframe provided.

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Only Hire Professionals

Your laminate floor is delicate and even though there are many other professionals and DIY products, but they could damage your flooring. We are so confident of our Laminate Floor Strip and Wax Services that we back it with a guarantee. Find out more about our services or get a quote by clicking here.

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Adam tzabari
Adam tzabari
18:25 05 May 18
Carpet Cleaning deluxe are the best one could find in Coral Springs! I called carpet cleaning deluxe after my dog got sick and unfortunately didn’t control his body wastes. Poor little dog :( it happened twice at the same day, and I couldn’t stand the smell, I called in, got the same day appointment, the tech that came to my house (couldn’t catch his name) was a professional, neat and very nice guy. Carpet feels and smells great! I’m pleased with results! Would highly recommend “Carpet Cleaning Deluxe” for anyone's carpet cleaning project.
Info EZ
Info EZ
16:42 31 May 18
Thank you very much guys! This is a perfect example of how a business should be run. On time, professional and great quality job. Will work with again in the future.
Tomer Goldshtin
Tomer Goldshtin
02:37 01 May 18
We hired carpet cleaning deluxe to clean our upholstery sofa and Oriental area rug. We have little children and two little dogs and they have gotten the better side of both the sofa and the rug and we were in Autre shock when the technician was able to clean it and bring it back to life as if it was new. We highly recommend this company for satisfaction professionalism and unbelievable customer service.
Ofir Altarasy
Ofir Altarasy
03:12 02 May 18
We have an old Oriental rug that my grandmother gave me a long time ago we were clearing out the storage. When we found it and decided that we want to be professionally cleaned we called a few companies and fell upon Carpet Cleaning to Deluxe. They came and picked up our area rug they give us a timeframe and came on time. Now we are able to have our beautiful oriental rug in our living room we will definitely be calling them back again.
Shiri Malki
Shiri Malki
21:09 01 May 18
Wonderful job performed by Carpet cleaning deluxe. Called a week in advance to set an appointment as my schedule is kinda weird. They showed up on time and did the job promptly and in a professional manner. If your looking for carpet upholstery cleaner in Coral Springs look no further.
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