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Carpet Cleaning Deluxe Locations

We are proud to be the number one carpet cleaning service in South Florida. Actions speak louder than words, this is why we have been able to expand so rapidly over the years. Customer satisfaction and our guarantee assures are customers are always happy.

We currently have 14 locations across South Florida to assure quick and same day carpet cleaning service to all of our customers. We are also working to open our first locations in Central and North Florida very soon!

Please select one of the Carpet Cleaning Deluxe offices near you for the fastest service.

What Our Clients Say?

  • We have an old Oriental rug that my grandmother gave me a long time ago we were clearing out the storage. When we found it and decided that we want to be professionally cleaned we called a few companies and fell upon Carpet Cleaning to Deluxe. They came and picked up our area rug they give us a timeframe and came on time. Now we are able to have our beautiful oriental rug in our living room we will definitely be calling them back again.

    Ofir Altarasy
  • Best carpet cleaning service in Coral Springs no doubt about it. These guys are prompt, professional and reasonably pricing their work. Highly recommend them for my community in Coral Springs.

    Autumn C
  • Great service by Deluxe carpet cleaning. Called in yesterday for Sofa, Rug, stairway carpet and Tile cleaning. They came in today and were finished in no time.

    Benjamin R.