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The number of upholstery cleaning services number in the literal hundreds but do all of them give you the peace of mind knowing that your furniture is immaculate? Do any of these services back their work with a guarantee? Whether you have pets, kids or are a frequent host to friends and family your home and office’s upholstered furniture is continually in use. The more it is used, the more it becomes a magnet for germs, pollen, blemishes, crumbs, dust, and stains amongst other stuff. If not cleaned in time and on time it can be the cause of many illnesses.

In our experience, around 80% of homes with a carpet are prone to attracting dirt and dust brought in from the outside. All of that dust and dirt end up collecting in the crevices of your upholstered furniture. However, ordinary upholstery cleaning isn’t going to make much of a difference, because what you need are professionals with the latest equipment and an understanding of the material that needs cleaning.

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The Upholstery Cleaning Experts at Carpet Cleaning Deluxe

Allow us to provide you with the best upholstery cleaning service which not only cleans your furniture but also extends its life while providing your family with a clean environment. At Carpet Cleaning Deluxe we will send over a team of experienced professionals who will clean and refresh your furniture, adding a fresh vibrancy to your space. What’s more is the fact that there is a very short drying process associated with the way we clean your upholstery. So, it can be used within just a few minutes after we leave.

No Stains too Difficult

We understand that you might have hired other upholstery cleaners who were not able to remove a couple of stains. The most common excuse is that it is so deep in the fabric making it impossible to reach! In our experience, these people in most cases aren’t using the right chemicals and processes. Our cleaning solution cleans the deepest stains and yet does not damage your furniture. Also, the stuff we use is environmentally friendly so you have nothing to worry about.

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We Work in the Most Nonintrusive Manner

Rather than causing a lot of disruption to your home we will work in a way that creates little to no disruption. The same goes if we are called to cleaning office upholstery. Our team of professionals understands and realize that all spaces are different and will work a way around making sure that our job is done in the shortest time without causing much inconvenience.

Carpet Cleaning Deluxe provides clients with an ETA, and our goal is to finish within that time. Rarely does our work extend beyond that time frame. So, you can take care of other jobs or perhaps go outdoors while we take care of the cleaning inside.

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Adam tzabari
Adam tzabari
15:00 14 Jul 18
What an awesome carpet cleaning service. Bob my American bully did a mess on my carpet and sofa. A friend recommended Tom. Called him and he showed up with a full stack van with all the high end equipment. Educated me about the process and quoted me an affordable price. Now My flat smells great and looks brand new. Best service ever.
Josh Harper
Josh Harper
13:32 14 Jul 18
My wife and I were exceeding pleased - astonished, in fact - with the work that Tom did on the carpets and Area rug in our newly bought home. Several rooms and hallway had a heavy smell of dog urine, and a black light lit up our carpet like it was the cratered surface of Mars. So many stains you cannot even imagine, and in several instances, the ammonia was close to leaving lasting chemical burns. Tom was able to destroy all of the problems. He also took the time to educate us about the decent ways to handle our carpet when our own dogs make a mess. We were delighted with Tom's workmanship, and we will happily call Carpet cleaning deluxe in Boca Raton again when needed.
Tom Joseph
Tom Joseph
03:25 01 Jun 18
Great service experience with this awesome company. Tom the owner promised to show up as fast as he can and he lived up to his word. Long story short they cleaned four rooms, one sofa and 2 area rugs. Highly professional, polite, clean and fairly priced. Will recommend carpet cleaning deluxe to my close family and friends.
Coral Cliffs
Coral Cliffs
15:30 14 Jul 18
Thank you carpet cleaning deluxe for helping us out at our gym. We have padding floors through out our gym that needed to be steamed. Tom came out and reassured us that he would be able to make the patties good as new thank you Tom for a phenomenal job we really appreciate it come back soon.
Ofir Altarasy
Ofir Altarasy
17:49 14 Jul 18
I called carpet cleaning deluxe to clean my three bedroom apartment and my dining room chairs. Everything came out brand new like the day I bought it. I highly recommend this carpet cleaning company to anyone in Boca Raton.
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